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Zara Yaad Ker

The story revolves around Hadi (Zahid Ahmed) and Mahnoor (Sana Javed), who are first cousins and are engaged to be married (Nikkah). Hadi earns little by his hard work but his love for Mahnoor is beyond any limits. Hadi takes a house on rent and the daughter of owner (Uzma, played by Yumna Zaidi) somehow, from her heart contains a affection for Hadi. Hadi gives a lot of importance to Mahnoor, however Mahnoor gets involved in is wealthy neighbor ,Waqar . Uzma , writes a letter to Hadi , in which she shows her emotions for Hadi . But , Hadi refuses it politely and shows that letter to Mahnoor . Moving onwards, Mahnoor demands Hadi to divorce her. Hadi finds it very difficult but he fulfils the demand of Mahnoor. Mahnoor plans to get married to Waqar, who is involved somewhere else. This betrayal by Waqar shows Mahnoor the face of his true lover in face of Hadi. This serial is on aired every Tuesday 8:00 pm on Humtv and is highly-appreciated by audience.

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