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Udaari – effecting brains of audience!

Udaari, a Pakistani serial smashed screens of Hum TV on 10TH April 2016 , with a aim of bringing two very serious issues to audience. Those issues were presented and were acted upon directions of Momina Duraid in cooperation with Kashaf Production. The well – know cast of Udaari comprises of Bushra Ansari as Sheeda , Ahan Khan as Matyaz , Urwa Hocane as Meera , Farhan Saeed as Arsh and Sanya Mumtaz as Sajjo. The other characters are Hina Altaf as Zebo, Insyezdan as Ejaz and Areesha (child star Zebo). This heart-touching drama serial was shooted in Mirpur and in some parts of Lahore. The story brings or outlines the marginalization of women in Pakistan and develops a bad vibe about child abuse in Pakistan, nowadays. Udaari, basically commences importance of music and makes it visible that music is an art, not a business of `marasis and doomnies`. It begins with , a typical scene of village where everyone is busy working and earning but suddenly something bad strikes in shape of concept of sexual abuse . The leading character Meera joins a band and receives stardom due to her melodious voice. Her co-singer (Arsh) fells in love with her, but Meera rejects this proposal due her family background of doomnis and also because it was unpardonable for her to sacrifice her first love ( a boy in Mirpur). On the other hand , Meera`s khala (Sajjo) was unaware of her second husband (Mtayz) who used her daughter (Zebo) for sexual purposes .Later on , Sajjo comes across evil phase of Matyaz due to which she murders Matyaz and settles in Lahore with a proper catering business. However, unfortunately, Matyaz was shifted to the hospital, the night a murder was attempted on him. This hospitalization stopped him from dieing and gave him an ability to take revenge from Sajjo. This heart-sobbing serial is earning a lot and is also giving audience a lot to think about evil activities, going in Pakistani society. I hope this article will give u, what you was looking for, looking forward for you healthy feedback 

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