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Teri chah mein !

This Fahad Mustafa`s smashing effort of introducing a new story seems to be successful . Teri Chah Mein , as started is a very promising serial which gives a lesson about removing taboos ,a social custom prohibited .Adding upon , in this serial Mehwish ( played by Maria Wasti ) is character of a lady who is married to an old man due to some kind of family issues . She lives with his son and daughter , with that old man but that man gets a heartattack when he listens that his future son-in-law (played by Farhan Saeed as Faysal) wants to get married to his wife . This scene creates a disturbance in the serial and is develops a suspense in the situation . Later on , Faysal marries Mehwish , this bond leads to suicide of Mehwish`s son and Zara ( played by Saboor Aly ) faces several problems due to this bond . This serial is running successfully on Ary digital every Wednesday at 8:00 pm .

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Teri Chah Mein

Love has no limits, in love age, status, cast, religion doesn’t matters. Teri Chah Mein is a story of a some the love that has no boundaries. Mehwish who is a middle aged married woman, she has two kids – Zara and Kashif. Zara is engaged to her cousin Faisal and loves him a lot however he loves his aunt who is Zara’s mother. He admires her to the extent that eventually he ends up marrying her. Will decision ever put his mind in peace or will it constantly haunt him?