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Sanam Episode 5 Review by Anam Gilani

  • Flatter, flattered, flattering..Anxiously, this episode finally showed it’s real face. How? Continued with the revolving story from previous review’s last point : she enters in very wrong time, what a unsuitable entry Ayla came to up ah! I’m off! She needs to stop yawr! and listen that what they needs to clear her but unfortunately, she have not the same patience that Harib have. *burst khuwaish* She moves on with tears and stern face and Araib try to stop her but they failed to convince her and she has gone again with the lost of one turn that she want for Harib and now she thinks he is on wrong it’s proved! *More to read the review, you can in coments section below*

  • Tightly begins what is happening all of that Ayla’s evil brain stuckness force her to do same everytime. Oops! Her car looking like out of order *Harib ki badwa* maybe it’s right if we can say her’s not that’s Sheroze’s car and while Sheroze came to her with mechanic, Harib againnnn! I’m now impressed from this type of husband just wow! He stops there where he saw that door is locked they left, where? After knowing, he headed up to the Cafe because Ayla and Sheroze are there. *claps on again fight,honey hee wali hai ab toh* *eating burgers, samosas* kabhi socha hai how is Harib….Ayla? Find it? Now again! Ayla : ‘tum pecha krtay krtay yahan bb aghe’ i was like it’s the power of love Ayla that grabs him again here to you but Ayla nah, bus *pyar faramosh* she did absolutely very, very wrong with him at that time she grabbed Sheroze to ‘chalo nah’ after giving that tanaah! to harib “wasta” Osman aka Harib : nailed it i’m seriously happy with his acting. That’s a brillant msg/moral to our society that ‘Have patience and also obligates the laws of patience till we not reached the final mode’ he completely spend his 100% on this moral. I’m impressed. Aan’s mom and Harib’s reunited on sofas was cute and loving.They discuss like a charming cute birds. and when Mrs.Shokat was showing her muhala’s speaking Aan’s way of stoping her also pick her arms to ‘idher merey sath chaley’ was cute. No less than, that Aunn’s mom and Mayer’s mom color is mixing as gradient like sprinkles on Aunt Mrs.Shoqat as mum with harib. Also i’m impressed where Mrs.Shoqat as a neighbor helped him in bad times. Also that dish that pyari cute see batei i’m seriously fan of these two’s asal kah relation. Yes asal kah! As many hosters also said ; ‘Hina Bayat is no less than your real mom Osman!’ oh.my. lagta hai nah! They’re jaaans! ‘Neighbours ho toh asay’ wait that line only for Sanam. Mrs.Shoqat and her very decent gentle neighbour Mr.Harib driven finally to makes an entry in his Ayla jaan’s house for resolving the issue. Mrs.Shoqat is too cute to define in words when she said Harib to stops the car for that flower’s bouquet shop.
  • She just not only bought some kind of fresh beautiful elegant flower’s bouquet to offers her to make her cool as ice but also she bought a heart a good moral to apologizing a better way to offers your enemy a flower bouquet. It’s on! we should then next time huh!? Acha! *choti see koshosh,krna!* Anyways, entering into the Sheroze’s flat she said i’ll insist my bahu how can she reject me? That’s very, very sweet of her to not only help as neighbours but also help as humanity.

    That’s remembered me of this -> ‘we makes our enemies, we makes our friends but God makes our next door neighbours’

    While calling Mrs.Shoqat a very good next door neighbour i continued now ; She not only offers a flower bouquet to her also share and want to clear that issue but Ayla is still expressing a very serious wrong rude expressions and arguments at the same time.

    Harib did very right finally he spoke up on the behalf of her gentle mom’s a like ‘that *jhail physco aurat* title is too good for her when Harib *on’e favs* said!

    and *knock off* you guys was like ; ‘Did we can either expect that one wife stands for a slap on husband’s face, what a shame haw haye?’ But for me i want to clear only one thing. Guys, where are we going in the darkness ‘stands for a slaps on women’s face ( a women who is your mother,daughter,sister) is a shame for you?

    No, it’s your right in your own sense but now this drama is showing what a patience he have! That he didn’t receive the same slap on her face because if he did what a farq in ‘jhail aurat and jhail mard’ don’t go in so deep just focus on it what it leaves a big msg?

    That’s what i always *claps* for this guy ‘Harib’ he finally reached the final boundry of the patience. *writer : nailed it mona*

    Coming from with ‘udass cheray’ oh wait Ayla did too batemizi that she also throws that cute fresh elegent flower’s bouquet on the floor like rudely. She enters in the kichen, heads up for preparing custard and that thing ‘she knows how to cook? Wait that#firstepisode shadi’s mehndi’s Ayla’s face where we left that cutie in the blast of the cooking’ aew!

  • That phone call from her Aunt she still want to hide the real issue between her and Harib from her aunt because she is well known now that who’s fault it is for now actually.

    Cntd here* ; uddas cheray : Some Wali Farah characters express again in second reunites on sofas they was looking like wafa’s chem at that time.

    Harib and Aan’s relation is too respectful not like Sheroze what he did! Oh.My Ayla and Sheroze are on wrong they’ll in better way realize soon as i’m thinking. But when!? Whoa!

    Aan ki baqiyah family making too much calls and one call mama Aan pick up! finally and they were like phone uthayeh hee nai they begins on the another side i’m now stern with madness on Ayla as pretending that she and Sheroze will getting married to burns out Harib wait as pretending only or sach,muiech!? *My God*

    And The Last Scene : *God damn it* phone’s kills and Harib is too much sad *offers him tissue box : he reject* dosri jagah, Aan is still watching him from her window and feel sorry and bad for him. *ends up episode, din gin lo sanamlacious fans agli episode kay leyieh*

    Choti Sei Khuwaiesh : Why? When? How? That Araib will turned like Wafa’s? *wishes in the shape of jugnus and flew away*
    Well, well, well you guys are now well known that Anam is still lover of Sanam but with Ayla and Sheroze evil grin she stepped back to give them time i mean a chance that Ayla wants for Harib, lol. And trust me this drama leaves how many hidden msgs i find it yet but half. possibly i’ve never seen something pyara, something unique like that. Brillant and incredibly made.
    Ayla did an awesome acting with her character as compare to real Farooq *Allah bachey* i love her to the moon and back she nailed it…love love love!

    Harib is no less than a masterpiece i’ve already been discussed in the whole review that what he and his acting is, actually? Yeah love asap!

    Aan and Aan’s mon are *queens of hearts* Hina is jaan and Maya aew cutie pie they both did very realistic job! as Aan and Mrs.Shoqat *marvellous*

    No doubt, this episode left too much good impacts on us. Share your views and what you feel easy to read in the whole review?

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