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ishq parast

Ishq Parast was a Pakistani television drama series, aired on ARY Digital from 19 February 2015 to 23rd July 2015. It is written by MOHSIN ALI, produced by Big Bang entertainment, and directed by Badar Mehmood with the prime slot of 9.00 p.m. every Thursday on ARY Digital. It stars Armeena Rana Khan, Syed Jibran and Arij Fatyma in leading roles.Ishq Parast is a story about a young, beautiful and charming girl Dua, and a family having one sister and brother (Arsala and Zohaib) living with their father ‘s sister because their parents died in their childhood. Arsala love zohaib as her parents and was too attached with him. On the other hand Dua who has her own fantasies and dreams about her love and life. Dua was in deep love with Hamza but to keep her parents happy she got married to Zohaib, as her father was an aggressive person and religious too. Dua tried her best to mock her parents but she failed. Hamza got aggressive thinking that dua cheated on him.zohaib proved to be a very good husband, Arsala was also happy with her brothe‘s wife and they were living happily but Hamza was too angry that how could dua cheated him how dare she to do this to me? And then decided to take revenge from not only dua but her whole family, firstly she black male her but after that he took a big step and try to do flirting with Arsala. At first she didn’t give him any importance and ignore him, but one day Hamza follow Arsala to a coffee shop and then their he proposed her Arsala was shocked and in anger, and she leave the coffee shop. After some days Hamza sent a bunch of flower and a cake, the security guard receive it and sent it inside the home Arasal’s aunty receive it and then asked Arsala frankly that who is he? So she tell her the whole story. Then slowly Arsala also fall in love with Hamza and then after some time they got married. Dua was so worried about all the situation and she knew that the intentions of Hamza are not so good. Hamza always try to tease her indirectly and told all the truth to zohaib, he did not do anything because now her beloved sister was a part of hamza’s life. One day Hamza cross the limits and did the accident of Zohaib and then went to home where Dua was alone he try to rape her then Dua told all the things to the whole family but Arsala did not accept anything and leave home and start living in a new rented home. At the day of her birthday Arsala knew all the truth of Hamza and then he took Hamza in a car and while driving she told Hamza that “now your game is over” and also called her brother and ask for pardon and then did the accident in which they both died. At the end of the drama there was the birth of Zohaib and Dua daughter whom they named Arsala. The lesson that we get from this drama is that revenge is a curse. When we do something wrong with anyone then it come to us as well. As it is rightly said that “Tit for tat”.

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