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Daastan !

Dastaan , a drama serial which was on aired during the times of glory of Pakistani Drama serials . It was based on the novel Bano , written by Razia Butt .It was aired under banners of MD ( Momina Duraid) productions . It revolved around the problems and sufferings faced by Muslims at the time of partition . In it actually , Sanam Baloch and Fawad Khan along with Saba Qamar were in leading roles . The story was that how a whole family lived peacefully and they trusted non-Muslims but non-Muslims always had hatred for Muslims . The journey of partition was a matter of sacrificing everything for nourishment of a a new country . Hence , being a Pakistani , Pakistan is gifted to as a bed of roses but we should remember that this bed was received with thorns beside it .

By : Ruhaab Khalid #dramanight @dramanight

Ruhaab Khalid