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This word Anabia is named after the main character of this serial (played by Neelum Muneer) . , This girl faces a lot of hardships and several comprises in her life . Story revolves around a married life , with a very unique and different story .This serial is produced by Aijaz Aslam , directed by Ifftikhar Iffi . The cast includes of Neelam Muneer, Azeeka Daniel , Kamran Jillani , Seemi Pasha ,Syed Yourguc and others . Anabia is black mailed by her husband to come back to his house , even after divorcing her .Adding upon , the evil character played by Anabia`s husband blackmails her to come home or else he would spill the beans of Anabia`s sister being raped to society . Decision yet , has not been made by Anabia . Hoping, for a happy ending of this dramatic serial .

By Ruhaab Khalid #dramanight @dramanight 🙂

Ruhaab Khalid